Announcement: Quick Unpack 2.2 released

автор | 14 Июль, 2009
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Quick Unpack

Свершилось долгожданное событие. Разработчики приняли решение опубликовать версию Quick Unpack 2.2. Проект теперь продолжается нашими друзьями — командой tPORt.

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EXEForger (SignsImitator)

автор | 17 Апрель, 2010
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Утилита подменяет сигнатуры и позвоялет выдавать за любую сигну из предложенного списка.

EXEForger (SignsImitator)
Release date: April 2010.
Type: RCE Tool.

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Strong Name Helper v1.3

автор | 17 Апрель, 2010
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Инструмент для анализа строк. Помощник в поиске строк исполняемых файлов.
+'Patch References with SNK *only*' button added
*sometimes using 'SNK checked references' lock the assembly — fixed
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RLPack 1.21 VM Code Translater 1.0, Unpacking RLPack 1.21 Main Executable Movie

автор | 29 Апрель, 2009
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Видео по распаковке RLPack

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OllyDbg 2.0 Beta 2 (updated 28-Mar-2009)

автор | 1 Апрель, 2009
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Please read it carefully before complaining:
1. OllyDbg 2.0 is rewritten from scratch.
2. No, plugins are not yet implemented.
3. Yes, they will be implemented again — presumably in v2.02.

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Новые скрипты для ASProtect (c учетом версии 1.41 build 04.01)

автор | 23 Февраль, 2009

Свеженькие скрипты ODBGScript для распаковки последних версий ASProtect.

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SecurePE 1.6

автор | 23 Февраль, 2009
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SecurePE — бесплатная утилита, которая защищает PE файлы паролем с RC4 шифрованием. Попробовать стоит, хотя на malware неплохо б и проверитэтот продукт :mrgreen:

SecurePE is a user friendly freeware utility coded in 32bit assembly language that protects Microsoft Windows® PE files with a password, strong RC4 encryption and checksum while leaving them totally functional.

SecurePE user-friendly interface supports both drag & drop and shell operation of Windows Explorer. So you can protect files easily with a mouse click.

When a protected file is executed it displays a dialogbox asking the user for the correct password. The password is not stored in the file but a CRC32 hash algorithm. You must remember the password or you will not be able to execute the protected program again until you restore it from a backup. With the correct password you can run the program and even deprotect the file and give back it to its original state.

Unlike other protection utilities you may copy SecurePE protected files to another computer and it stays protected and functional without the need of re-protect the file again no matter what operating system this computer runs.

At last, but not at least, SecurePE has a checksum routine that detects any manipulation in the PE Header of the protected files.

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GUnpacker 0.5

автор | 18 Февраль, 2009
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Универсальный распаковщик программ от китайских разработчиков. Конкурент Quick Unpack.

Отзывы противоречивые.

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SoftwarePassport (Armadillo) 6.40

автор | 14 Февраль, 2009
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SoftwarePassport technology expands your global sales capabilities while providing maximum protection for your digital assets.

It contains powerful features such as flexible server-based licensing and activation, trialware distribution and marketing, in-application purchasing and sophisticated country based licensing to name just a few. Altogether, they enable software publishers like you to grow revenue by:

  • Exposing your products to rapidly expanding global markets,
  • Identifying who is buying and using your software,
  • Maximizing the lifetime value of your buyers whether they are consumers, small to mid-size businesses or enterprises, and
  • Attracting new customers in lucrative and untapped markets.

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HexEdit 3.3

автор | 14 Февраль, 2009
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There is support for addressing «hex / decimal», «RO / RW», «INS / OVR». Just as the Windows-application that supports «drag & drop», wheel mouse, change the font display, Tabs, bookmarks, color schemes, the opportunity to record macros and embedded calculator.

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