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автор | 5 Февраль, 2009
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Было бы не справедливо не выложить работу уважаемого Shub-Nigurrath в виде Quick Unpack DLL.

QUnpackDll version 1.2

Well, this fine release is a Dll version of the already released QUnpack program, from FEUERRADER of AHTeam.
What I did is to transform it into a DLL and to improve the whole code...
The main purpose of such a dll is to create complex patcher that would unpack on the fly the programs on the target PC, then apply byte changes to crack the program. Of course is much more useful where inline patching is not possible. But not only you can use this dll also as a base of any unpacker program you want to create.

I included a basic client just to give a try on the fly.

What it does:
The Dll works almost as the original Qunpack program. Essentially what is done is:

• set some hardware breakpoint into the debugged process
• find the OEP, using some custom method (if the target program is packed by FSG 1.33,
ASPack 2.12 or UPX 1.2x, the OEP is found using an own technology)  or the code of the
GenOEP.dll (included inside, so no need of external dlls)
• dump process to previously allocated buffer.
• rebuild dump and realign it.
• rebuild the import table (using some code taken from ImpRec)

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