SerialShield v1.9.11.3

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Протектор для .NET и Win32 программ.

SerialShield is a new, royalty-free copy protection and licensing solution for professional software publishers who wants to obtain total control of software licensing for their applications.

Use all-in-one protection to protect your .NET and Win32 project, create license key easily for your projects without use different solution and save money. It is used to add evaluation capabilities to your applications and handles all aspects of ensuring your application is within its evaluation period and properly registered on a specific machine.
SerialShield SDK can be used on .NET languages tools (C#, VB.NET, Delphi.NET) and Win32 tools like Microsoft Visual Basic, VBA Access, VBA Word, VBA Excel, Microsoft Visual C++, Borland Delphi and C++ Builder as well as other languages.

» Antidebugging, Antitracing and AntiMonitors to prevent application analysis
» AES Rijndael Secure encryption technology to protect the Serial Key
» MachineID Control to prevent against unautorised copy installation
» Detects backdating or demo reinstallation to gain additional usage
» Online Activation (optional) to allow the final user to obtain unlock key via email
» Serial ID generator to identify each copy and lock the key with this Serial ID
» Support .NET and Win32 application — All-in-one
» Support Win9x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003 Server
» Easy to use with ergonomic interface
» AutoUpdate via software directly to stay always up-to-date
» Work under Windows restricted user account
» Create evaluation copies of your software by days, uses or run counts
» Rent / lease software to your customers
» Send customers a demonstration of your software to evaluate before purchasing
» Distribute your software on the Internet, media support CD/DVD-Rom
» Affordable price compared to others .NET protection
» Premium Technical Support via instant messenger or remote control

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