HexEdit 3.3

автор | 14 Февраль, 2009
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There is support for addressing «hex / decimal», «RO / RW», «INS / OVR». Just as the Windows-application that supports «drag & drop», wheel mouse, change the font display, Tabs, bookmarks, color schemes, the opportunity to record macros and embedded calculator.

New in Version 3.3:
* Floating (modeless) Explorer window
* Simplified Options navigation (tree)
* More than a dozen new options
* Show ruler (hex or decimal)
* Functions to convert to/from EBCDIC strings
* Function to obtain user input (templates!)
* Other template improvements
* Support for Real48 (properties, templates, etc)
* Many other improvements

Feature Summary:
* Easy to use interface familiar to Windows users
* Unlimited undo (incl. cursor moves), undo changes
* Window tabs to see/jump to any open window
* Highlighter mode to remember important bytes
* Built-in calculator, integrated with macros
* Autofit, hex/decimal addresses, OVR/INS, RO etc
* Drag and drop files onto the main window
* Background searches (using low priority thread)
* Background search progress/count in status bar
* Configure all colours, save in colour schemes
* Ability to display IBM/OEM (MSDOS) graphics
* Easily change font, increase/decrease font size
* Printer margins, headers/footers etc & print preview
* Complete clipboard support: binary, ASCII, etc
* Easy to use hex/text searches with the «Find Tool»
* Address tools for fast jumps
* Compare files or parts of the same file
* Open multiple files from Open dialog/cmd line
* Full EBCDIC support (incl. cut/paste etc)
* Keystroke macros with error levels
* Continually updated properties display (tab dialog)
* Monitor/edit over 60 file/byte/numeric/date values
* 8 floating point formats, 15 date formats
* 8/16/32/64 bit integers (signed/unsigned) in decimal
* Customize toolbars, keyboard, context menus ...
* Customizable filter (Files of type) list for all file dialogs
* Hex text, Motorola-S & Intel-hex import/export
* CRC-32, CRC-CCITT, & checksum of selection
* Advanced templates handle almost any type of file
* Templates can have variable length and optional parts
* Included templates: GIF, SWF, BMP, DBF, JPG etc
* Recent files dialog stores info on up to 20000 files
* Use C-like expressions in jump tools and templates
* Unlimited bookmarks associated with a file+address
* Advanced find (& replace options) including:
* scope: to mark, to EOF, whole file, all open files
* bookmark all, replace all, alignment, wildcards/bitmask
* Edit files of more than 4 Gbytes (>2^32)

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