Детектирование «On-Attach» метода отладчика

автор | 21 Декабрь, 2008
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         Debugger "On-Attach" detection method
         by Piotr Bania <bania.piotr@gmail.com>
         All rights reserved!


   Author takes no responsibility for any actions with provided
   informations or codes. The copyright for any material created by the
   author is reserved. Any duplication of codes or texts provided here
   in electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the
   author's agreement.


   This code presents pretty effective and nasty debugger "on attach"
   detection. When debugger (every which uses debug apis) attach to the
   target process NtContinue function is executed, this acts BEFORE
   debugger stops on DebugBreak, so we have the ability to do some
   nasty things while debugger is still loading the process, i think
   you know what possibilities it gives.

   So here it comes, have fun:


include     my_macro.inc

        @get_api_addr    "NTDLL.DLL","NtContinue"
        xchg    ebx,eax

        call    a1
        dd    0
a1:        push    PAGE_READWRITE
        push    5
        push    ebx
        @callx    VirtualProtect
        @check    0,"Error: cannot deprotect the region!"

        lea    edi,_NtContinue_b
        mov    ecx,0Fh
        mov    esi,ebx
        rep    movsb

        lea    eax,_NtContinue
        mov    edi,ebx
        call     make_jump
        @debug     "attach debugger to me now!",MB_ICONINFORMATION

exit:        mov    byte ptr [flag],1
        push     0
        @callx     ExitProcess

        mov    byte ptr [edi],0E9h
        sub    eax,edi
        sub    eax,5
        mov    dword ptr [edi+1],eax

flag        db    0

_NtContinue:    pushad
        cmp    byte ptr [flag],0
        jne    we_q
        @debug    "Debugger found!",MB_ICONERROR
we_q:        popad

_NtContinue_b:    db    0Fh dup (0)

comment $       
        77F5B638 > B8 20000000      MOV EAX,20
        77F5B63D   BA 0003FE7F      MOV EDX,7FFE0300
        77F5B642   FFD2             CALL EDX
        77F5B644   C2 0800          RETN 8

end start

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